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Singing Sand Beach/Shark Cove
Long Island Maine

If you have any questions about renting our cabin or beach on Long Island, Maine for a vacation or special event,
send email to Andrew at andlewb62@gmail.com

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Our cabin is unique. Without a doubt, it is rustic. With a composting toilet, solar power, and running rain water for the dishes, life is simpler.

But we think that's a good thing.

Just the sound of the waves, occasional seagull and fishing boat, and a long white sand beach, all to yourself. It's quite a treat, after all, to go for a sunrise walk on an empty beach in your pajamas (or less! ;-), listen to the sand sing with each step, and look out at the open ocean.

Nighttime is special too. You might see stars you long forgot. You can build a beach fire, roast some marshmallows, tell ghost stories, swat a few mosquitos. Or just curl up with a good book inside on the couch.

And if you've got kids, they can play on the beach, catch hermit crabs, climb on the rocks and explore the tidepools, or go swimming, all day long. And you can, too.

Of course, this is Maine, so the water can be quite, um, refreshing. But it sure feels good once you get there.

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