What To Expect When Renting Our Cabin

Our cabin is rustic, meaning it is not insulated and doesn't have the fancy things of a normal house. For example, there are no TVs, blenders, microwaves, Xboxes or even fresh running water from a faucet. There is, however, peace and quiet and nature and beauty, interesting architecture, a good roof, and a heck of a view.

There will be, at the start of your visit, a clean cabin, clean linens and fresh towels. The cabin will have paper towels, TP, electric lights, candles, a fridge, a gas stove, clean dishes and utensils, pots and pans for cooking, basic medical supplies, garbage bags, and an odd assortment of books. There is running rain water (for dishes), 5 gallon jugs of fresh water, a fireplace, and extra blankets. There is a composting toilet. There are even solar hot showers (but we can't promise sun).

Unless otherwise arranged, guests are expected no earlier than the 11:00am (from Portland) boat on Sunday and no later than the 12:05pm (from Long) on Saturday. Please bring your own flashlights, bug spray, sunblock, food, warm clothes, rain gear, and other basic necessities. Be prepared for mosquitoes, ticks, rain, fog, hot sun, and a cold ocean. There are two stores on the island, but they may not have what you want, so shop uptown accordingly. Casco Bay Lines will ship anything you can't carry aboard yourself as freight. If you coordinate your arrival and departure with John, he can bring you and your belongings to and from the ferry dock.

Note: On the weekends, in particular, the beach is often visited by people who either arrive by walking or boat. In general, there are no problems as they are respectful of our posted rules. If there are problems, please either contact John or, if necessary, the police. Some folks like to wander by with their dogs in the early AM, but they're usually only noticeable by the paw prints. For the record, we do own the entire beach – all the way from the dunes to the low water line, excepting just near the Nubble.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.